May 23, 2020

A dozen winners were crowned on Friday’s Day 23 of the 2020 Spring Championship of Online Poker at PokerStars.

PokerNews live reporting was right there for blow-by-blow coverage of one of the marquee events won big Manuel “BigFudge95” Fritz.

In addition, Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert shipped his third career SCOOP title.

Check out who were among the big winners in today’s SCOOP recap.

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PokerNews Live Reported 2020 SCOOP Events
Manuel “BigFudge95” Fritz Wins the SCOOP 85-H: $1,050 PKO Thursday Thrill Final Table Results

After more than eight hours on Day 2 of the PokerStars 2020 SCOOP 85-H: $1,050 PKO Thursday Thrill Special Edition, one player came out victorious out of 1,047 entries. Manuel “BigFudge95” Fritz from Austria defeated “xMOOMOx” heads-up for $73,597 and $63,900 in for a combined total of $137,497 which is the lionshare of the $1,047,000 prize pool which was created by all those entries on Day 1.

This score easily beats the previously biggest online score Fritz earned in a four-way deal he did back in April for $116,384 in the Sunday Million. The 2020 Platinum Pass winner didn’t win that tournament as he finished in second but the assumption is that he is a lot happier with this result as it is a new personal best and comes with a pretty SCOOP title. Fritz was joined on the final table by “G A W”, Jamie “Ship It 2010” O’Connor, Evan “PURPLE”K”99” Parkes, Peter “pitaoufmg” Patrício, Victor “VICTOR TXR1” Teixeira, Rui “sousinha23” Sousa, and “Cramos88” besides “xMOOMOx” off course.

PlacePlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize 1Manuel “BigFudge95” FritzAustria$63,900$73,597$137,497 2xMOOMOxThe Netherlands$14,482$73,596$88,078 3G A WRomania$8,656$44,536$53,192 4Jamie “Ship It 2010” O’ConnorUnited Kingdom$22,152$32,145$54,297 5Evan “PURPLE”K”99” ParkesCanada$8,523$23,202$31,725 6Peter “pitaoufmg” PatrícioBrazil$17,262$16,746$34,008 7Victor “VICTOR TXR1” TeixeiraBrazil$3,594$12,087$15,681 8Rui “sousinha23” SousaPortugal$10,734$8,724$19,458 9Cramos88Brazil$3,914$6,696$10,610

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Day 23 Results

Day 23 of the 2020 SCOOP crowned 12 champions. Here is a look at who won each event.

Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert Wins SCOOP-84-H: $530 NLHE
Entries745 Prize Pool$372,500

A total of 591 entries and 154 re-entries generated a $372,500 prize pool to push past the $350,000 guarantee in this event.

2016 WSOP Main Event final tablist Kenny “SpaceyFCB” Hallaert shipped his third-ever SCOOP title after he agreeing to a three-way deal with Brazil’s “nefrsondaca” (second – $43,486) and Romania’s “Glash0” (third – $50,749).

Hallaert felt good about his victory despite not collecting the top prize due to “Glash0” holding the chip lead when the deal was made.

just setting up my twttr

— jack (@jack)

Other notable players at the final table included Boris “komarac_zg” Kuzmanovic (fourth – $23,741), Tony “RunLkMercier” Della Sciucca (sixth – $12,329), and Gerardo “peloin” Hernandez (ninth – $4,614).

PlacePlayerCountryPrize 1Kenny “SpaceyFCB” HallaertUnited Kingdom$47,867* 2nefersondacaBrazil$43,486* 3Glash0Romania$50,749*  4Boris “komarac_zg” KuzmanovicCroatia$23,741 5schocerPoland$17,109 6Tony “RunLkMercier” Della SciuccaCanada$12,329 7RiverbangedUnited Kingdom$8,885 8good geniusRussia$6,403 9Gerardo “peloin” HernandezMexico$4,614

*Reflects three-way deal at the final table.

SCOOP 84-M: $55 NLHE
Entries6,134 Prize Pool$306,700 Winner”KaZanCHuK” (Russia) First-place prize$35,848
SCOOP 84-L: $5.50 NLHE
Entries17,340 Prize Pool$84,966 Winner”nice_steady” (Russia) First-place prize$9,083
SCOOP 85-M: $109 NLHE Mini Thursday Thrill
Entries6,758 Prize Pool$675,800 WinnerMurilo “muriLLoo.mrl” Machado (Brazil) First-place prize$40,847 + $20,901 in bounties
SCOOP 85-L: $11 NLHE Progressive KO
Entries20,302 Prize Pool$198,960 Winner”victorbco” (Brazil) First-place prize$8,626 + $4,543 in bounties
Rob “robc1978” Cowen Wins SCOOP-86-H: $2,100 NLHE/PLO 6-Max
Entries188 Prize Pool$376,000

The $300,000 guarantee was crushed in this event with 112 entries and 76 re-entries creating a $376,000 prize pool.

The seven-max final table features four players from Scandinavia with two players each waving the Swedish and Finnish flags. The title didn’t go to either of these countries with United Kingdom’s Rob “robc1978” Cowen shipping the bacon for $74,995.

Also at the final table were Brazil’s Joao “vovo_leo” Studart (third – $42,581) and Lebanon’s Eddy “eddymaksoud” Maksoud (sixth – $18,507).

PlacePlayerCountryPrize 1Rob “robc1978” CowenUnited Kingdom$74,995 2Elkku35Finland$56,689 3Joao “vovo_leo” StudartBrazil$42,851 4munkkisFinland$32,391 5anonymstrutsSweden$24,484 6Eddy “eddymaksoud” MaksoudLebanon$18,507 7DundermåsenSweden$14,762
SCOOP 86-M: $215 NLHE/PLO 6-Max
Entries1,072 Prize Pool$214,400 Winner”MezuuUuuT” (United Kingdom) First-place prize$34,515
SCOOP 86-L: $22 NLHE/PLO 6-Max
Entries5,174 Prize Pool$103,480 Winner”W.Leung” (Finland) First-place prize$14,725
“Old brock” Wins SCOOP-89-H: $1,050 NLHE Turbo Progressive KO
Entries473 Prize Pool$473,000

This event attracted 371 entries and 102 re-entries to generate a $473,000 prize pool to surpass the $400,000 guarantee. The event was a one-day fast-paced affair lasting just a little more than 4 1/2 hours from start to finish before Austria’s “Old brock” shipped the event for $36,950 in prize money and $39,793 in bounties.

Notable players at the final table included Bulgaria’s Viliyan “PSMozak” Petleshkov taking third place for $30,544 in total and Lithuania’s Arūnas “BalticMoose“ Sapitavičiui taking seventh place for $14,968.

PlacePlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize 1Old brockAustria$39,793$36,950$76,743 2GotYouReadGermany$7,430$36,950$44,379 3Viliyan “PSMozak” PetleshkovBulgaria$7,125$23,419$30,544 4issagiorGreece$9,098$17,407$26,504 5WhatIfGodSweden$2,938$12,938$15,875 6copag holdemBrazil$7,906$9,616$17,523 7Arūnas “BalticMoose“ SapitavičiuiLithuania$7,820$7,148$14,968 8KrawalbruderGermany$3,484$5,313$8,797 9Onny87United Kingdom$5,063$4,292$9,355
SCOOP 89-M: $109 NLHE Turbo Progressive PKO
Entries4,268 Prize Pool$426,800 Winner”Will Eye Amm” (United Kingdom) First-place prize$26,014 + $16,215 in bounties
SCOOP 89-L: $11 NLHE Turbo Progressive PKO
Entries18,962 Prize Pool$185,828 Winner”Crizh” (Brazil) First-place prize$8,109 + $4,848 in bounties

In-Play Events

There are six SCOOP events that will begin its second and final day on Saturday, May 23.

SCOOP-87-H: $530 NLHE
Guarantee$500,000 Prize Pool$500,000 Players956 Players left57 First place prize$82,365 Next payout$1,816 Chip leader”Negriin” (Argentina)
SCOOP-87-M: $55 NLHE
Guarantee$350,000 Prize Pool$439,100 Players8,782 Players left335 First place prize$61,608 Next payout$208 Chip leader”Dajvey” (Slovakia)
SCOOP-87-L: $5.50 NLHE
Guarantee$100,000 Prize Pool$145,755 Players29,746 Players left339 First place prize$14,595 Next payout$33 Chip leader”Insanitypok” (United Kingdom)
SCOOP-88-H: $530 Fusion 6-Max
Guarantee$100,000 Prize Pool$100,000 Players193 Players left18 First place prize$19,945 Next payout$1,267 Chip leader”bob43155″ (Mexico)
SCOOP-88-M: $55 Fusion 6-Max
Guarantee$40,000 Prize Pool$46,600 Players932 Players left33 First place prize$7,677 Next payout$244 Chip leader”NaMarseKlassno” (Russia)
SCOOP-88-L: $5.50 Fusion 6-Max
Guarantee$15,000 Prize Pool$20,061 Players4,094 Players left51 First place prize$2,869 Next payout$34 Chip leader”no capito” (United Kingdom)
Events Scheduled on May 23

In addition to the six continuing events, nine more new SCOOP events kick off on May 23, 2020.

Time (EDT)Time (GMT)TournamentGuarantee 10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.SCOOP-90-L: $5.50 NLHE Afternoon Deepstack$60,000 10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.SCOOP-90-M: $55 NLHE Afternoon Deepstack$225,000 10:30 a.m.2:30 p.m.SCOOP-90-H: $530 NLHE Afternoon Deepstack$300,000 1 p.m.5 p.m.SCOOP-91-L: $11 NLHE PKO$200,000 1 p.m.5 p.m.SCOOP-91-M: $109 NLHE PKO$750,000 1 p.m.5 p.m.SCOOP-91-H: $1,050 NLHE PKO$750,000 2:15 p.m.6:15 p.m.SCOOP-92-L: $5.50 HORSE$20,000 2:15 p.m.6:15 p.m.SCOOP-92-M: $55 HORSE$30,000 2:15 p.m.6:15 p.m.SCOOP-92-H: $530 HORSE$100,000 3:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.SCOOP-93-L: $2.20 8-Max Turbo Rebuy$40,000 3:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.SCOOP-93-M: $22 8-Max Turbo Rebuy$150,000 3:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.SCOOP-93-H $215 8-Max Turbo Rebuy$200,000

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