The term ‘Selfie’ has taken the world by storm. Almost everyone seems to be obsessed with clicking themselves on their smartphones. This practice is so widespread that the art of capturing the perfect selfie has created an entirely new marketing industry. But, what’s more alarming is how youngsters are ready to go to any extent to look good online. It was recently reported in UK’s leading tabloid, Mirror, that Daniel Bowman, a 19-year-old British teen, attempted suicide over a ‘perfect’ selfie.

The International Connect
There have been instances abroad where patients have presented their selfies to the surgeon and that of a celebrity they want to look like. They have requested the surgeon to alter a feature, such as lips or cheeks, to match that particular celebrity. Talking about the Indian scenario, the concept of imitating celebrities grows, so does the proportion of our own population wanting to emulate their favorite matinee idols. …

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