Woodworking is a great hobby enjoyed by thousands of Americans and with a basic set of tools and some simple woodworking plans the novice woodworker can get started and work at a level that suits their skills.

It is possible to find and download whole sets of plans from the internet with enough ideas and projects to last a lifetime. Buying plans one at a time is extremely costly and should be avoided.

Look for sets of plans that not only have simple woodworking projects for you to cut your teeth on but move on to bigger, better and more challenging pieces. Some plans will start from basic and finish with blueprints for a garden shed or carport.

This hobby can be self funding too, any unwanted items can be sold to buy materials and increase the contents of the tool kit.

My favourite projects are garden furniture items which are always in demand during spring and summer; the octagonal garden table and chair are particularly satisfying pieces to construct.

When looking for woodworking plans make sure that you get more than a simple drawing. Your plans should start with a complete list of materials with wood lengths clearly shown and clear explanations of more complicated joints and procedures.

All hardware required, screws, nails, hinges etc, should be listed, this information will allow you to cost a job before starting work.

Avoid projects that require the buying or hiring of specialist equipment this can really send your budget through the roof.

By working their way from simple woodworking plans to more and more advanced projects the amateur woodworker will see their skills improve and their confidence increase.

Source by Anthony Woods