Minecraft Steve has arrived in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, growing an already turgid roster and giving players a hard new character to learn, but as players get used to looking at Steve’s victory pose, they’re also getting used to looking at his protruding meat.

oh wow uhhhh 😳 pic.twitter.com/0AMSHKMff7

— Nintendeal (@Nintendeal) October 14, 2020

This still taken by Twitter user @Nintendeal was taken at just the right moment in Steve’s victory animation to make it look like the character is grabbing a giant, pixelated erection. However, the full context of the animation makes it clear that the brown object in question is a steak Steve is chomping down on and lowers as his name appears on the screen.

This appears to be a case of the internet just being overly horny and not a boner on Nintendo’s part. Nevertheless, internet users seized the moment by the shaft and got to work.

I’m just gonna leave this VERY REAL win screen for Minecraft Steve here pic.twitter.com/XqgMtZdEV7

— Sydnee Goodman (@sydsogood) October 14, 2020

Minecraft Steve victory screen in Smash Bros. Ultimate is NSFW https://t.co/fyTsd2MGY6 pic.twitter.com/QahQYA7Y9w

— Kotaku (@Kotaku) October 14, 2020


— 👻🎃X_Aɴᴇᴛᴛᴇᴮᴱ⁷🎃👻 (@XAnette_16) October 14, 2020

Minecraft Steve is already proving to be stiff competition, with his rigid movement being just the tip of his curved difficulty that’s engorging players with rage.


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