Sporty-O’s “Let Me Hit It” is a 2009 electronic dance song by Atlanta-based musical artist Sporty-O. Online, the song became linked to the Danganronpa character Junko after one YouTuber uploaded a miku miku dance using the song. On TikTok, the was used in several trends including junko-posing, transition challenge and a finger coordination challenge.


On September 9th, 2009, YouTuber Young Dro uploaded “Sporty – o – Let Me Hit It ( Audiostalkers Original Mix) BEST QUALITY !!!” before the track was online and garnered over 11.7 million views in 11 years (shown below). Sporty-O then released the song to iTunes in 2013.


On November 8th, 2015, YouTuber !Cuteravegirl147! 🙂 uploaded “MMD- Drop It (Junko)” which gained over 49,600 views and 1,500 likes in five years. The song was then used in various other anime videos.

On June 19th, 2019, TikToker xforgotten_audiosx uploaded the song to TikTok and gained over 1,500 likes in a year (shown below, left). On July 2nd, TikToker badguyincorporated uploaded a Junko cosplay video of herself doing quick poses (shown below, right). The video accumulated over 133,500 likes in a year and the posing became a trend.

In January 2020, TikTokers also began using the song in the transition challenge where they show off their editing skills. For example, on January 31st, TikToker shay_bar uploaded a transition challenge video that gained over 473,700 likes in four months (shown below, left). In May 2020, TikTokers began a finger coordination trend using the song. On May 14th, TikToker wot.dennis uploaded an example in which they pinch their fingers to the beat of separate parts (shown below, right). The video garnered over 603,500 likes in a week. Due to the song’s popularity on TikTok many believed the song to be called “Junko (despair)” by Josiane Lessard due to a Shazam error.

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