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Create Classic homemade Neapolitan Style pizza in a normal domestic oven. 

Everyone agrees the dough is the most important element in making a great pizza.
The key to getting that signature crispy crust is ensuring the pizza is cooked with high
temperatures from underneath. In a traditional clay pizza oven, the oven is heated over many
hours to ensure the floor of the overreaching temperature in excess of 1000 degrees
Fahrenheit. Our Steel 14″ Pizza Stone Plates lets you recreate those conditions at home for
amazing fresh dough with authentic taste and

Just place the Steel Pizza Plate right on your wire rack, cook until toppings appear crispy
at your ovens maximum temperature and you’ll be eating delicious restaurant-quality pizza in
no time at all. 

Our 14” x 14” pizza stone is not just for pizzas:

Pita bread 
Bread Baking 
English Muffins
Potato Chips

Simple and easy to clean, our baking stone for bread, pizzas, & many other recipes, this pizza
stone lasts a lifetime and is the only one you’ll ever need 

Unlike many other ceramic pizza stones on the market our steel oven pizza stone heats up
much more quickly, transmit heat more effectively and your pizza won’t stick to the

Why order in or go to the local pizzeria when you can have a spectacular pizza made in
the comfort of your own home.

Steel Square Pizza Stone: 14” x 14” x ¼”  Pizza Steel with 1” Grip & Hang Hole. This thick steel plate fits most ovens. Simply slide on to the wire rack and you’re ready to start making delicious Italian style pizza.
Create A Pizzeria Style Crust At Home: If you thought restaurant quality pizza at home was an impossibility then think again. This thick, heavy, solid steel baking stone makes that signature wood fired pizza oven crispy base possible in a conventional oven.
Heats Up Much Quicker And Delivers Heat More Efficiently Than Ceramic Pizza Stones: This food grade pizza cooking stone heats up using the highest home oven temperature and gives the performance of a wood-fired oven in your own home oven while providing a consistent heat across the whole base giving you great pizza every time.
Low Friction Non Stick Surface: Easily turn your pizza quickly. Efficiently place and remove your pizza in the oven without losing essential heat. 1” finger hole on the corner of the plate for easy handling.
Easy To Care For: Washing is not recommended. Simply scrape or burn off any debris. Properly caring for this large pizza stone will give pizzeria pizza for the rest of your life!