A calico cat was so happy when she found a safe place for her six kittens.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

A stray cat and her litter of six were found outside in South Los Angeles a few weeks ago. The kittens were just two days old at the time, and in need of foster care. Jen Marder, a volunteer of Wrenn Rescues, stepped up and brought them into her home.

The cat mom was an instant love-bug when she arrived. “As soon as I opened the carrier, she was rubbing against me, begging for love. She was so talkative and let me know that she wanted attention. She was purring and curling up in my arms,” Jen told Love Meow.

They set up a comfortable nest for the family, where the cat mama would feel safe caring for her kittens. The sweet calico started kneading on her new bed as her hungry little kittens nursed away.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

The calico mom (named Cleopatra or Cleo) would beg for attention and love every time her foster mom walked into the room. “She just wants a warm lap to cuddle up in and to get all the pets and snuggles,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

If Jen went to check on the kittens, Cleo would try to steal her attention away by rubbing all over her. Not only was she affectionate towards people, but also she was great mom.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Cleo came running if she heard her kittens cry, and watched them like a hawk until Jen came into the room to remind her to eat and take a break.

“She is pretty tiny, so feeding six hungry mouths and having them grow the way they have been is incredible. She is so sweet with all her babies, happily takes care of them and does not favor one over the others at all.”

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Cleo likes to chirp at her kittens and meow at her humans. She will respond to anyone that calls her, with…

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