A stray cat who was rescued from a difficult situation, is so happy to be reunited with her kittens.

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control

A stray cat was brought to Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control in early April. She was rescued from being attacked by other animals.

Shelter staff quickly noticed that the tabby was not a lone stray. “She had all the signs of being a nursing mother, but her kittens could not be found,” a volunteer of the shelter shared with Love Meow. They immediately notified the neighbors to be on the lookout.

Later that week, neighbors heard meowing in the insulation of a mobile home and discovered five kittens. Mindy Brocato, a staff member of the shelter, rushed to get them. Once the kittens arrived at the shelter, they were brought to be reunited with their mom (named Toodles).

As soon as Toodles heard the tiny squeaks, she perked up and started to look around. They placed a ginger kitten in her bed, and after a few sniffs, Mama meowed and licked the crying kitten as if to try to comfort him.

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Care & Control

One by one, the kittens amped up their meows as they recognized their mom’s scent, and nuzzled right into her arms. Toodles lay down on the bed and was ready to nurse. In just a few seconds, the kittens lined up at the milk bar, suckling away while Mama Toodles doted on them with licks and purrs.

Watch this heart-warming reunion in this video:

Just as they thought they had completed the rescue for this little family, the shelter got a surprising call that evening. “A sixth kitten was discovered screaming for her mom under the same mobile home where the first five were located,” the shelter said.

When they got the last baby and reunited her with the rest of the family, she dove right in for a meal at the milk-bar. “Toodles seemed much more…

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