A stray cat refused help until her rescuer found her kittens behind some bushes.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Late last month, Amber of Amber’s Animal Advocacy spotted a hungry stray cat outside an apartment building in Burlington, North Carolina, scrounging for food. She reached out to Stephanie of Sparkle Cat Rescue and asked if they could help.

Stephanie responded right away and arrived at the scene with a humane trap. The plan was to safely catch the cat, bring her in and get her the care she needed. However, the smart calico seemed to know just how to avoid being trapped.

“She was definitely keeping an eye on me. I turned around at one point and she was standing beside my car. Before that when I was in the car, she stood on the hill behind my vehicle,” Stephanie shared with Love Meow.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The cat wouldn’t accept help and seemed to have something she couldn’t leave behind. After two days but to no avail, Stephanie followed the calico all the way to a place behind the bushes.

When she set the trap down in the new spot, she heard the cat make a sound. Stephanie pried into the bushes and was surprised by what she discovered.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

“We learned why (she wouldn’t go in the trap). She had kittens tucked back in a corner between apartments,” Stephanie added.

With help from Christina, another rescuer, they were able to get the cat mom safely in the trap and carefully scoop up the kittens from the area. The little family was then brought to the rescue and settled in a foster room.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The cat was still very shy but started to relax a bit knowing they were safe.

Volunteers prepared an ample supply of food for the mother cat so she could eat whenever she wanted. The calico chowed down on the food, making up for lost meals.

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