A stray kitten cuddled up to her rescuer after she was found alone under a bus.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Earlier this month, a transportation company in North Carolina discovered a kitten hiding under a bus. The little stray was very hungry and eager for help. He didn’t mind to be picked up by the workers, who then reached out to their local rescue, Sparkle Cat Rescue.

“The day we rescued him we looked under all of the buses and around the buildings, and there was no sign of another cat or kitten,” Brittany of Sparkle Cat Rescue shared with Love Meow.

But a few days later, they received another call from the same company — a second kitten, a little calico, was spotted under one of the vehicles. She was very shy, crying and cowering under a wheel well.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

Stephanie, a volunteer of the rescue, rushed to the scene. She saw a dirty, timid kitten hiding on top of a wheel, and the little one was too afraid to come out.

“I believe she spent a long night alone there before being found. She was hollering at the top of her lungs when I arrived to get her after an employee contacted us,” Stephanie said.

Knowing the kitten must be hungry, Stephanie went back to her car to fetch some food. She talked to the calico in a soft voice while showing her the treat, trying to coax her out.

Sparkle Cat Rescue

The kitten was a bit hesitant at first, but couldn’t resist the offer. She slowly turned to the food and let her rescuer scoop her up and bring her to safety.

“There’s a house a good block away and across a parking lot, so we don’t know if she made that long trek or if a mama cat carried her there. We saw no other kittens around.”

Sparkle Cat Rescue

After getting something in her belly, Stephanie brought the kitten into her car and wrapped her up with a soft…

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