A stray kitten snuck into a pizza shop and decided to make the chef her forever human.

Chef Dave

A stray kitten wandered her way into a pizza shop in Australia a few months ago. She went under the back gate of the yard and snuck inside the kitchen. Dave (aka Grumpy Chef Dave) was surprised to see the little feline guest. She rubbed up against his legs, asking for attention and love.

“I was not planning on having a cat adopt me, she was not prepared to go away,” Dave shared with Love Meow. “I popped her up on my shoulder, and she felt at home right away.”

The kitten wiped her face on his ears and the back of his neck while rumbling with her purrs. She then relaxed on his shoulders and decided it was her new favorite perching place.

Chef Dave

Dave checked with the neighbors to see if anyone was missing a cat, but no one came forward to claim her. Just when he was about to reach out to the internet to look for a prospective home, the kitten curled up in his lap and purred herself to sleep. He took it as a sign.

“She’s decided she is staying, and who could argue with that little face?” Dave added. “Now, she’s employed full time in our newly created finger chewing and cuteness team.”

Chef Dave

The kitten whom he named Ratbag the Vandal, went to the vet for the first time. She was vaccinated and microchipped and would never have to live another day on the street.

Dave set up a kitten obstacle course for the little one to enjoy in the storeroom. The rambunctious tabby would play with anything that moves.

“She sleeps either next to me as a furry hot water bottle or on a pillow beside or behind my head,” Dave shared with Love Meow.

Chef Dave

Every night before bedtime, the kitten will walk all over Dave’s head as he falls asleep, then will knead the pillow and her human’s…

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