Videos of her daughter that a Stuart woman found on her boyfriend’s phone will get him sentenced to 15 to 30 years after his plea in West Palm Beach federal court.

That’s the sentencing range for one count of production of visual depictions of the sexual exploitation of a minor, the charge to which 36-year-old Torrie Austin pleaded guilty on Wednesday. Austin will be sentenced Jan. 3.

Austin’s the father of two children with the victim’s mother (hereafter referred to as “VM”). She had an 11-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Austin’s admission of facts doesn’t say why VM went exploring on his phone Jan. 10, 2019. But, it does say she found two videos of her 11-year-old being sexually abused and contacted Martin County Sheriff’s Office. That day, MCSO detectives talked to Austin at his job, after which they arrested him.

Through a search of his LG phone, as well as Google Drive and Google Photos (after serving a search warrant on Google), an MCSO detective found the two videos VM saw and six more videos made on May 20, 2018. In two of the videos, a hand with the same skin tone as Austin pulls the child’s panties aside and exposes her genitals.

VM identified her daughter to MCSO detectives. She said the clothes, hands, feet and jewelry on the adult in the videos were Austin’s and the videos were shot in Austin’s previous home “where Austin would watch her three children while she was at work.”

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