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demolition hammerdemolition hammer

SUNCOO SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill High Performance Demolition Hammer

If you’re constantly working on construction or masonry projects, you know the importance of having a powerful tool. Many construction workers and masons enjoy using rotary hammer drills. With a rotary hammer, simply by changing the bits, you can do a lot of tasks, including breaking hard soils and concrete, making holes in concrete, pulling tiles and much more. SUNCOO 13.2Amp rotary hammer drill makes all these tasks pretty easy to carry out, it drills through concrete like a fork through butter.

Concrete breakerConcrete breaker

Make Your Drilling Jobs Easy Like a Child’s Play!


SDS plus bit system provides tool free bit changes;6-level variable speed dial offers precise control;Auxiliary handle with textured grip, vibration damping mechanism reduce vibration and direct more impact energy;


Metal case, fast heat dissipation avoids motor burning out.Built-in integral clutch reduces torque reaction.SDS-Plus chuck for automatic bit locking.360° swivel handle ensure safety while in use.

Package Includes:

1X Electric Hammer Drill

1X Portable Carry Case

3X SDS- plus Drills: 0.32”*5.91”, 0.39”*5.91”, 0.47”*5.91”

1X SDS Point Chisel: 0.55”*9.84”

1X SDS Flat Chisel: 0.55”*9.84”

1X Dust cap; 1X Motor Lubricant; 1X Oil cap wrench

Rotary hammerRotary hammer


The drill is powered by an unmatched 13.2-amp motor, enables it to drill into materials of masonry, wood, and steel.Variable speed control switch(6 in total) helps to match the speed with the application and it provides greater versatility.3 functions 4 modes for distinct versatility – Warm-up; hammer only (chiseling-only), hammer drill (hammering and rotation), and drill only.

rotary hammer drill rotary hammer drill


Larger cylinder forms super impact force. 5.16 Ft.-Lbs., 7 Joule impact energy High power 2000W, high impact rate. 0~4400 BPM(blows per minute), high rotation speed 0~950RPM Drilling capacity: 1/2 inch for steel, 1+1/4 inch for concrete, 1+3/5 inch for wood. Copper motor ensures durability and high power.

electric hammer

electric hammer

hammer drills electric

hammer drills electric

Concrete Breaker

Concrete Breaker

360° Swivel Handle

360 degree swivel anti-skid articulating auxiliary handle provides versatile placement for greater operator control, safe and convenient.

Dust Cover, Better Heat Dissipation

Unique designed dust cover keeps dust away from the motor, along with the better heat dissipation design, they help in extending the tool’s service life.

Vibration Reduction System

Vibration dampening ring, control technology in hammer mechanism are both used to reduce the vibration felt by the operator and directs more impact energy to the work surface.

jack hammer

jack hammer

electric demolition hammer

electric demolition hammer

Jack hammer

Jack hammer

Multifunctional Tool Kits

3 SDS- plus Drills for general drilling;SDS point and flat chisels for demolition;Lubricating oil can be added through the oil inlet reserved near the air cylinder, tightly sealed.Carrying case for great storage and portability.

3 Functions 4 Modes Selector

Function selector and modes shift lever offers warm-up option and 3 modes of operation: hammer only, rotary hammer, and rotation only.Variable speed trigger offers accurate bit starting and great versatility.

SDS-Plus Chuck Adapter

Comes with 1/2 Inch Drill Chuck with SDS-Plus adapter, provides tool free bit changes; compatible with other regular bits, can finish a variety of drilling tasks;SDS-Plus chuck ensures safe with automatic bit locking.









2.5 Cu Ft

4.2 Cu Ft

5 Cu Ft


15.8”L X 4″D X 9.8″H

27.6″L x 9.5″W x 4.5″D

36.8”L X 21.7”W X43.7”H


43″L X 25″W X 52″H

30.31”L x 12.99”W x 12.20”H

Impact Rate



Impact Force

5.16 Ft.-Lbs

44.3 Ft.-Lbs.

Rotary Speed





【POWERFUL HAMMER DRILL】 SUNCOO electric Rotary Hammer is built with 13.2 Amp (2000W) motor with 7 Joules impact energy, 0~4400BPM, 950RPM, which delivers powerful impact force of 5.16 Ft.-Lbs. to quickly complete heavy duty projects on concrete, wood, Masonry and metal, etc. Drilling capacity: 1/2 inch for steel, 1+1/4 inch for concrete, 1+3/5 inch for wood.
【EASY&SAFE TO OPERATE】Adjustable speed, 360 degree swivel articulating auxiliary handle provides versatile placement for greater operator control. Freely switches among Warm-up AND 3-function modes with a lever and a selector-Hammer only (for demolition breaking); Rotary hammer (to drill concrete, granite, brick); Rotation only (to drill wood, steel, etc). SDS-plus shank and the integral clutch guarantee the user’s safety.
【ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL】Except for vibration damping ring, ergonomic anti-slip rubber handle, SUNCOO hammer drill uses vibration control technology in hammer mechanism to reduce the vibration felt by the operator and directs more impact energy to the work surface, increases user comfort and productivity.
【MULTIFARIOUS TOOL KITS】 SUNCOO electric SDS hammer drill set includes 1x flat chisel, 1x point chisel, 3x drill bits, 1x dust cap, 1xmotor lubricant, 1x oil cap wrench, 1x users manual, 1x Portable Carrying Case.
【WIDE APPLICATIONS】Perfect for tough tasks such as demolishing construciton, removing plaster, taking off tiles and digging out old grouting, etc., suitable for drilling into materials including wood, masonry, concrete, and metal.