“You don’t understand, Rouge, the peak of this franchise started and ended with me! Sonic is the biggest faker of them all!” | Sonic the Hedgehog

Image Details 223 views (223 from today) Uploaded Nov 22, 2020 at 08:16PM EST Origin Entry Sonic the Hedgehog Source Twitter Tags shadow, hedgehog, rouge, bat, sonic, adventure, sa2, iasip, pepe, silvia Claim Authorship Edit History About the Uploader The [...]

2020-11-23T01:16:18+00:00November 23, 2020|Memes|

Family Took in Scrappy Kitten and Helped Her Blossom into Adventurous …

A family took in a tiny, scrappy kitten born on a farm and turned her life around. @toast.the.kitten Earlier this year, a pregnant cat was found on a farm, and she later gave birth to a litter of kittens. The [...]

2020-06-17T21:06:52+00:00June 17, 2020|Cats|
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