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Kitten Found Alone in Yard, Kneads Her Way into Hearts of Family

A sweet calico kitten kneaded her way into the hearts of a family after being found by herself in a backyard. Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens A little kitten was discovered outside a resident's home in North Carolina. The man who spotted [...]

2020-12-03T03:13:32+00:00December 3, 2020|Cats|

Pint-sized Kitten Found in a Bush, Blossoms into Beautiful, Brave Cali…

A tiny kitten who was found alone in a bush, has blossomed into a beautiful young cat. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A kind lady from Canada heard a faint cry coming from outside late one night. Upon investigation, she discovered a [...]

2020-11-23T03:26:42+00:00November 23, 2020|Cats|

Cat and Her Beloved Kittens Thrive Through Help from Foster, Now Hope …

A cat and her two beloved kittens hope for a dream home together after a rough start to life. Heidi Shoemaker Heidi Shoemaker, a fosterer and animal rescuer based in Florida, was notified about a pregnant stray found wandering outside. [...]

2020-11-12T04:18:48+00:00November 12, 2020|Cats|

Kittens Found Left Behind in Parking Lot, Have Their Lives Turned Arou…

Two tiny kittens were found abandoned in a parking lot. A couple took them in and turned their lives around. Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Nala and Simba, two feline siblings, were around one week old when they were found abandoned [...]

2020-10-25T01:22:11+00:00October 25, 2020|Cats|

Kitten So Happy to Be Saved She Keeps Kneading Away in Bliss After Bei…

This sweet kitten is so happy to be saved that she keeps kneading away in bliss. Sarah Kelly A week ago, a tiny kitten was found outside a resident's home in North Carolina, without a mother in sight. The Good [...]

2020-10-24T00:00:00+00:00October 24, 2020|Cats|

Kittens Cuddle Their Way into Hearts of Family After Being Brought Bac…

Two kittens found the perfect shoulders to cuddle on and the family of their dreams. @jj_double_trouble A bonded pair of kittens was rescued from a hoarding situation along with 150 other cats. Toronto Cat Rescue brought them to safety and [...]

2020-10-16T20:34:52+00:00October 16, 2020|Cats|

Kitten Sneaks Out of Her Room to Befriend New Kitten in Foster Home

A kitten snuck out of her room and moved in with the new foster kitten. It was love at first sight. Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue Earlier this year, a tiny cream calico was rescued through a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project. [...]

2020-10-15T02:59:24+00:00October 15, 2020|Cats|

Two Kittens Found Near Road, Look Out for Each Other and Insist on Sta…

Two calico kittens were found together near the side of the road. They have been inseparable ever since. Sarah Kelly Sparkle Cat Rescue, an all-volunteer rescue in North Carolina, was contacted about two tiny kittens that were less than 24 [...]

2020-10-09T20:58:36+00:00October 9, 2020|Cats|

Stray Kitten Showed Up on Family’s Doorstep, Now Has Her Dream Come Tr…

A stray kitten who showed up on a family's doorstep, now has her dream come true. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A family from Montreal, Canada spotted a stray kitten wandering outside their home one day. They gave her some food and [...]

2020-09-21T01:30:34+00:00September 21, 2020|Cats|

Street Cat So Happy to Find Help for Her Kittens, One of Them is Her M…

A calico cat was found along with her three kittens. One of them is the spitting image of her. Little Wanderers NYCLast week, Jae, a resident of New York City, found a young cat behind a deli in Jamaica, Queens, [...]

2020-08-26T23:54:29+00:00August 26, 2020|Cats|

Neighbors Helped Stray Cat and Her Kittens off the Street So They Coul…

A young cat is so happy to be off the street with her kittens that she can't stop purring. Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens A stray cat had been wandering the streets in a Los Angeles neighborhood for quite some time. A [...]

2020-07-11T00:30:07+00:00July 11, 2020|Cats|

Stray Kitten Wandered to Home of a Kind Family and Kept Coming Back

A stray kitten wandered to a family's porch for food one day, and she just kept coming back. Chatons Orphelins Montréal A young calico cat showed up in a neighborhood in Montreal, Canada a few weeks ago. A family spotted [...]

2020-07-10T03:50:43+00:00July 10, 2020|Cats|

Family Took in Scrappy Kitten and Helped Her Blossom into Adventurous …

A family took in a tiny, scrappy kitten born on a farm and turned her life around. @toast.the.kitten Earlier this year, a pregnant cat was found on a farm, and she later gave birth to a litter of kittens. The [...]

2020-06-17T21:06:52+00:00June 17, 2020|Cats|

Stray Kitten Comes Running from Bushes and So Happy to Find Help

A little stray kitten came running to a young woman, meowing loudly for help. Cassie Cassie from California was cleaning stalls at the horse stables when she heard a noise that sounded like an animal. "I thought it was [...]

2020-06-04T21:06:21+00:00June 4, 2020|Cats|

Stray Kitten Found Under Bus Cuddles Rescuer and Won’t Let Go

A stray kitten cuddled up to her rescuer after she was found alone under a bus. Sparkle Cat Rescue Earlier this month, a transportation company in North Carolina discovered a kitten hiding under a bus. The little stray was very [...]

2020-05-11T19:22:23+00:00May 11, 2020|Cats|

Stray Cat Barges into ER and Carries Her Kitten to Staff for Help

A stray cat surprised many people when she barged into the Emergency Room of a hospital, carrying her kitten. Merve Özcan Merve Özcan from Istanbul, Turkey was at the Kanuni Sultan Süleyman Hospital for her father when she saw a [...]

2020-05-02T19:12:15+00:00May 2, 2020|Cats|
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