Paralyzed Kitten Determined to Enjoy Life Like Other Cats, Scoots Her …

A kitten with paralyzed hind legs is determined to enjoy life just like any other cat. She lets nothing slow her down. With Grace @fostercatsandkittens A feral cat colony caretaker from Arizona rushed a tiny kitten to the vet last [...]

2020-12-16T23:47:30+00:00December 16, 2020|Cats|

Tripod Kitten Won Hearts of Wonderful Family and Blossomed into Beauti…

A kitten with three paws crawled his way into the hearts of the perfect family. Jamie Adams Winston the kitten was just a few weeks old when he was brought to Nashville Cat Rescue, with an injured leg. The long-haired [...]

2020-08-02T01:18:36+00:00August 2, 2020|Cats|

Cat Takes to Kitten, Happiest Little Scooter, and Showers Him with Lov…

A kitten whose lower body is paralyzed, finds the sweetest feline friend to help him thrive. Haley Waugh A kitten named Perry was found in a rose bush and brought to the Front Street Animal Shelter (in Sacramento, California) for [...]

2020-07-21T23:43:35+00:00July 21, 2020|Cats|
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