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Kittens with Sweetest Smile Seek Attention from Everyone and Hope for …

A bonded pair of kittens seeks affection from everyone they come across, and hopes to find a dream home together. Nashville Cat Rescue Zip and Zap, two ginger kittens, were rescued from a cat colony in a neighborhood of Nashville, [...]

2020-11-28T03:13:31+00:00November 28th, 2020|Cats|

Sweet Kitten Cuddles Up to Cat and Won’t Let Go After Being Found Alon…

An orphan tabby kitten cuddled right up to a cat in his foster home and wouldn't let go. Nashville Cat RescueA few months ago, a 2-year-old orange and white cat named Mia and her kittens were brought to Nashville Cat [...]

2020-10-01T21:39:01+00:00October 1st, 2020|Cats|

Cat Raised Her Only Kitten and Helped 3 Orphaned Babies, Now Hopes for…

A cat who raised her only kitten and helped three orphaned babies, now hopes for a place of her own. Nisa Konuma, Nashville Cat RescueEarlier this year, a stray cat and her kitten were brought to the Nashville Cat Rescue [...]

2020-09-16T21:47:45+00:00September 16th, 2020|Cats|

Tripod Kitten Won Hearts of Wonderful Family and Blossomed into Beauti…

A kitten with three paws crawled his way into the hearts of the perfect family. Jamie Adams Winston the kitten was just a few weeks old when he was brought to Nashville Cat Rescue, with an injured leg. The long-haired [...]

2020-08-02T01:18:36+00:00August 2nd, 2020|Cats|
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