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Kitten Half the Size of His Litter Mates, Turns the Corner and Determi…

A kitten who is just half the size of his siblings, makes an incredible comeback and is determined to thrive. Alley Cat Rescue Alley Cat Rescue in Los Angeles took in a large litter of kittens along with their mom, [...]

2020-12-29T03:00:36+00:00December 29, 2020|Cats|

Kitten with Rare Condition and Small Stature Strives to Live Best Life…

A tiny kitten was born with a rare condition. He let nothing stop him and blossomed into the happiest cat. Penny Richards Penny Richards, a fosterer based in Northern, Virginia, came across an online listing about a kitten needing rescue. [...]

2020-12-13T21:42:18+00:00December 13, 2020|Cats|

Kitten Bounces Back on Her Three Paws and Turns Out to Be the Sweetest…

A tiny kitten bounced back from the brink and turned out to be the sweetest little companion. Patricia Lika Pawly the tripod kitten came to Rescued Treasures Cat Cafe along with her three siblings, for a chance at a better [...]

2020-10-23T01:20:39+00:00October 23, 2020|Cats|

Kitten Half the Size He Should Be, is Determined to Live Full Life Aft…

A tiny kitten who is just half the size for his age, is determined to live a full life. FosterBabyCats A litter of kittens was brought to FosterBabyCats, a kitten rescue based in Columbus, Ohio, after they were found abandoned [...]

2020-10-13T21:49:16+00:00October 13, 2020|Cats|

Pint-sized Kitten Found in a Yard Shows Fighting Spirit and is Determi…

A kitten was brought back from the brink after she was found as a tiny newborn in a yard. Nikki Martinez @myfosterkittens A Good Samaritan from Las Vegas discovered a newborn kitten in her front yard. A few feet away, [...]

2020-10-08T00:55:21+00:00October 8, 2020|Cats|

Palm-sized Kitten Gets Help In the Nick of Time and Begins to Grow and…

A palm-sized kitten found help in the nick of time. At five weeks old, he was just the size of a one-week-old kitten. Broken Tail Rescue Charles River Alleycats in Boston rescued a litter of kittens from a feral cat [...]

2020-08-03T03:20:06+00:00August 3, 2020|Cats|

Kitten So Happy to Find Kind Family After She Was Spotted in a Barn

A family took in a tiny barn kitten who was rejected by her mom and helped her thrive. Jin's Bottle Babies A Good Samaritan named Jami discovered a litter of kittens at her horse barn in Northeast Phoenix, Arizona. She [...]

2020-07-07T03:48:31+00:00July 7, 2020|Cats|

Stray Kitten with Fighting Spirit Finds Kindest People to Help Her Thr…

Kelly the tabby was the smallest of eight kittens found outside, but she had quite the fighting spirit. Jess Thoren @kittenbnb Two litters of kittens were found in a cat colony without their moms. They were brought to a local [...]

2020-07-02T01:46:45+00:00July 2, 2020|Cats|

Pint-sized Kitten Blossoms into Beautiful Cat and Finds Dream Home

A pint-sized kitten blossomed into a beautiful cat and found a family of his dreams. Dannielle at Central Florida Foster Kittens A tiny kitten came to Central Florida Foster Kittens at the end of last year for specialized care. The [...]

2020-06-30T23:39:08+00:00June 30, 2020|Cats|

Palm-sized Kitten with Big Eyes Finds New Family to Cuddle

A palm-sized kitten who was rejected by his mom, found a new family to cuddle. Beth Walden @the_kitten_guinnessBeth Walden, an animal rescuer from Florida, took in a palm-sized kitten who needed round-the-clock care. The little one was rejected by his [...]

2020-06-02T02:04:10+00:00June 2, 2020|Cats|
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