The AniTAY seasonal anime recommendation list is back with another batch of series for Spring 2020. Every season, the AniTAY authors from around the globe congregate in the great AniTAY anime conference room (discord) to select, debate, and painstakingly narrow down a list of our favorite shows of the season. Thanks to the great variety of contributors and seasonal anime to choose from, our list has a little bit of something for everyone.

Long time readers might notice that there are significantly fewer shows on the list this season than there were last season. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, I noticed in recent collaborations that our standards for what makes the list had become a bit laid back, which resulted in a slightly bloated Winter 2020 list. I stand by all of our articles, but this time around we decided to be more selective with our choices so that readers can clearly understand which anime we highly recommend that they watch.

We also had a slightly limited selection of shows to choose from this season due to Coronavirus-related delays. The virus spread to Tokyo in April, where most anime studios’ offices are located. This resulted in numerous cancellations and delays for studios whose employees found themselves suddenly unable to come into work. We decided not to consider any shows that were delayed before the season began. However, we still considered any series that aired at least a couple of episodes this season, even if it was later delayed.

With all this in mind, some final notes:

As always, we have omitted continuing shows and sequels. Only new stuff here. Check out our spring sequel guide below for information about sequels.Similarly, only shows available for legal streaming are considered. Netflix has complicated what the word “available” means, but we still consider limited-availability shows such as Netflix originals for this list.We included a “where to watch” section, but keep in mind that our listings are based off…

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