After an arduous eighth generation of gaming consoles, the long-overdue ninth generation is just over the horizon. With the fabled PlayStation 5 from Sony and its rival from Microsoft, the Xbox Series X, the advent of the next generation of consoles will undoubtedly change the gaming industry, and there’s no reason we should not assume that the meme landscape – as well as the face of the web itself – will change alongside it. It always does.

Gaming communities occupy a wealth of the web, forming a massive crowd that makes up a huge portion of the content on social media platforms. Already, the Series X and PS5 have managed to bring about a slew of labored discussions, passed along with varying levels of heat and salt. The general perceptions of these consoles largely guide the direction of the meme market in the Console Wars. These perceptions, in turn, are predominantly the result of brand loyalty more so than actual comparisons. Nevertheless, watching the memes fly as the battle rages on is just as much a cultural novelty as it is entertaining.

PlayStation 5: “The WiFi Router”

Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 was officially announced in June 2020, mainly showcasing the technical advancements of the console – most notably the switch to a solid-state drive for storage. Also catching the attention of enthusiasts was the alien-like design of the PS5. The unique case drew a wide variety of fun comparisons in the PS5 Design Parodies, from WiFi routers and PS2s adorned in binders to Seto Kaiba’s flashy coat.

While many of these comparisons were in jest, a non-negligible portion of them came at the expense of the console itself, a criticism in which the PS5 is not alone, as we will later see. As far as the games themselves, the PS5 had one particularly contending title, which stoked controversy.

The upcoming launch title, Bugsnax, was met with a healthy combination of mockery and ironic praise, often being lauded as “the PS5 equivalent of…

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