erhaps one of the biggest success stories to come out of the early days of YouTube, The Gregory Brothers are a musical quartet comprised of Evan, Michael, Andrew and Sarah, best known for their music videos that take mundane clips of news, political debates and viral videos, turning them into hilarious songs. Since the group has been deeply immersed in meme and internet culture (with hits like the “Bed Intruder Song”) from the start, we invited them to conduct an interview to recap everything from their childhood to present day, as well as getting to the bottom of which Gregory Brother was truly the master of memes among them.

Q: Hello, everyone. Well, I think we’re setting a record here for most people we’ve interviewed at once. That being said, can you guys each kick us off with a little bit about who you are and what you do with the group as far as your role?

Evan: I’m Evan, the oldest brother. My main role is managing “The Gregory Family Doghouse,” which is a piece of ‘50s kitsch that Andrew found in a Goodwill, where whoever in a family messes up by “trying some shenanigans” gets publicly shamed by having their avatar hung in the proverbial doghouse. We’ve had it up for more than 10 years, and very early on decided that positive reinforcement needed to balance the shaming. So Andrew added “Valhalla” on the other side, which you get into by “achieving” some shenanigans, as opposed to merely trying. When we’re making videos, my role is doing some music stuff and managing the visual effects. When we’re playing live, I’m usually at the piano. I’m married to Sarah, a critical female brother, who’s usually away from the studio these days herding our three small kids.

Michael: I’m the youngest bro, and I’m in charge of meme consumption so we can make sure to hear the ripest meme melodies. I’m also in charge of making the smoothies because I have the most practice perfecting the fruit ratio — not too much banana…

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