So, you had a long tiring day at your office? What else can be more relaxing than a cup of steaming hot tea, especially the very famous masala chai? Whether it is tea time, a little break at office, get together or any other occasion, no amount of food or drink can minimize the cravings for tea for a diehard lover of this aromatic beverage. Whether it’s raining outside, snowing or burning, tea is a staple drink to almost every family. Probably, you will second this.

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Benefits offered by Assam tea

Apart from being your partner in stress and relaxation, Indian Assam CTC tea offers a number of other benefits. Let’s take a quick look at them:

Helps increasing alertness

In a given situation when you are busy working on an important assignment or project, your mind needs to be alert as much as possible to yield desired results. However, in most of such situations, your mind tends to overwork and gets clouded with thoughts, concepts and the urge to get it done on time. Isn’t it? In such a fix, if you sip a cup of Assam blend, its caffeine content will have positive effects on your brain, thus increasing your thinking capacity and alertness. However, you should not forget that excessive caffeine consumption can be harmful for your health. So, you should limit your cup of teas to 3 to 4 per day.

Helps preventing cancer

Not many of us know, but high quality Assam tea contains compounds like phenolic, Phytoestrogens and flavonoids. All of these compounds are very good for your health help of prevention of the most deadly disease on the earth, cancer and many other diseases. However, again you should have a check on the number of cups you have.

Helps fighting Parkinson’s disease

Parkinson’s disease is a condition of the central nerve system. It mainly affects the motor system of your body that is responsible for movement. According to various researches, it has been found that drinks containing high caffeine, for example Assam tea can help a lot in reducing the chances of getting affected by Parkinson’s disease.

These are some of the major health benefits offered by Assam blends. This aromatic beverage comes in different types of flavors and variants, like Assam Loose tea, CTC and so on to calm your senses and energize you from within.

So, now that you are familiar with the healthy aspects of having tea, you should make it a habit. However, make sure not to overdo anything. That’s because – excess of everything is considered bad.

Source by Sneha Birla