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What is Spatial Computing and why are big companies like Tesla, Apple, and Facebook investing heavily in it?

Spatial Computing is a new paradigm of computing where humans, robots, and virtual beings interact in a way never experienced before. Companies like Tesla, Apple, and Facebook are investing heavily in this technology because of its capability to completely change how we access, organize, and use information.

In this new three dimensional space, not reliant on traditional two dimensional flat screens, laptops, or phones, computing will literally be everywhere and controllable with our hands, eyes, and voice. In addition, robots and autonomous vehicles use Spatial Computing to move around and assist humans, which leads to very deep economic and societal changes as well.

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Why is The Infinite Retina so relevant now?

The Infinite Retina is all about Spatial Computing and how this technology is changing the way we do business, and what it means for humanity as a whole. Spatial Computing, the fourth paradigm of personal computing, sounds like science fiction, but isn’t. Unlike previous computing paradigms, like working on a laptop or smart phone, Spatial Computing allows you to actually move around inside computing.

It involves all of the software and technology associated with AI needed to move within a digital 3D world, including machine learning, national language processing, Computer Vision, and all the other apps that support the creation and maintenance of a digital 3D world. We see great strides that are and will be made in the uses of Spatial Computing across seven verticals, including Transportation, Technology, Healthcare, Finance, and Education. There are chapters in the book that detail our visions of where each of these industries will be when the Spatial Computing wave has hit.

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What was your objective in writing this book?

We are literally at the beginning of a new age in computing, the Spatial Computing Age. By the end of the 2030s, how we compute will be radically different than it is today and, we posit, much more enjoyable and more productive, to boot.

Our objectives were to understand and document shifts that are currently underway in society and the business world due to Spatial Computing, and to gain perspectives on what its impact will be in three-to-five years and then ten years out. We talked with dozens of pioneers in many fields, from healthcare and retail to finance and entertainment. This is a hugely important book as this new paradigm shift (the fourth of the personal computing age) hits both consumers and enterprises.

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