“One year has passed and I am back at Meitheal Mara. It had taken two weeks of hand blistering work getting our Pallasboy replica to this stage, however, if we intended to test the boat theory the vessel would need at least another week of hollowing out in order to achieve the correct specifications of the original. The team agreed that the work achieved to this point had already given a unique insight into the crafting of this remarkable artefact. We had already experienced first-hand the skills needed to first produce the tools and the vessel. The trials of working with large sections of green timber, the limitations of basic woodworking tools and the shear physical effort involved in creating an object such as this had all been well documented. The week needed to hollow out the remainder of the interior using hand tools was valuable time we would rather spend on the next phase of the project, so for this reason, we somewhat reluctantly agreed to follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan at Newport and go electric.” Mark Griffiths, Woodworker
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