There’s a special occasion coming up and you need to buy a gift. For some people that can be a lot of fun, but if you are anything like me it’s like a living nightmare. You want the gift to be something special but you don’t know what the person wants. You don’t know what they need. You want it to be a surprise so you can’t just call them up and ask them what they want. Of course giving money as a gift is always an option but that is so impersonal.

And gifts for woodworking can be the worst.

You know someone who is really into woodworking. Woodworking is his passion. You’ve been to his house and he has every tool imaginable, and maybe even some that you can’t imagine. He has shelves of hardware and supplies. Maybe he does need to replace a tool that is worn out, but most woodworkers are pretty picky about the tools they buy. You can’t get them just anything. Right about now the money option is really starting to look like the best plan of action. Or is it?

There is a solution.

Something that every woodworker needs, no matter how skilled they are, is something to build. They have all these great tools to use and more than anything they need something to use them on. They need woodworking plans and ideas. They need a project.

One thing that many woodworkers have a difficulty with is coming up with great woodworking ideas. Knowing how to work with wood and use tools doesn’t mean coming up with an idea is easy. Being creative just isn’t something everyone can do. So maybe the perfect gift for the woodworker is some great ideas.

Now your probably thinking, “Great, I have to come up with great woodworking ideas for a gift”. Well yes and no. Giving the woodworker great woodworking plans and ideas is a perfect gift. But that doesn’t mean you have to dream those plans and ideas up yourself. There really is a much easier way.

Now pay attention here.

Source by Robin Mack