From Venezuela to New York: a career spanning 15 years, punctuated by travel, discoveries and encounters which on a number of occasions suddenly changed the course of his life. Here Yomico Moreno tells us about his love for his job, his passion for art and mystery, why he chose gear by Cheyenne and much more… Enjoy the read!

Hi Yomico, it’s a pleasure to have this little chat with you. You’ve been tattooing for over 15 years now and you’ve made a name for yourself, but can I still ask you to introduce (and describe) yourself to our readers at Tattoo Life?
Hi There, my name is Yomico Moreno, I’m from Venezuela and I’ve been a tattoo artist for 15 years. Currently I reside in New York and have been here for 5 years.

Yomico Moreno, Yomicoart Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA

From Venezuela to Brooklyn: what is your background and what have been the most important steps in your career so far – the crucial moments, the twists and turns that brought you to be the pro you are today?
It is a bit difficult to decide which has been a crucial moment, because each step has led to another. Let’s say from the first day I held a tattoo machine I have learned to give value to each step I have taken, the mistakes and the successes, learning day to day is something that I’ll always do. But without a doubt there are moments in my career that have helped me to be more visible in the industry, my first international award at a convention in Denmark, my first year at the London Convention where together with what is now the Rat Pack, we managed to obtain Best Award of the Show and of course working on Last Rites.

Yomico Moreno, Yomicoart Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA

I’d like to ask you more about a very important episode you mentioned that struck me particularly: when you did workshops in Venezuela many years ago someone reached out to you to thank you and said something like: “Thanks man, I changed my gun for a tattoo machine”. Can you tell us about it? How does it feel…

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