Like prisoners seeing the sun after release, posters are wading into the Joe Biden era with a newfound appreciation for the freedoms they once took for granted, only in the posters’ case, their freedom is to post whatever cockamamie nonsense they want.

Of course, these freedoms existed during the Trump era and were abused with reckless abandon, but there’s been a noticeable shift in the tenor of Twitter in the past week as people who were, say, “not fans” of the former President have taken the delirium of his absence and turned it into maniacally awful, golden posts. The classic of this week was Repeat After Me: I Am Not Smarter Than Joe Biden, which is the kind of infantile, left-punching centrist take a true discourse lover wakes up for in the morning, but it was but one of a seeming thousand brain-melting takes coming out of the first week of the Biden era.

This week: an “Ice Cold Feminist Take” about the Bernie meme, a sound that is frankly unfathomably disgusting to hear, and a woman proudly declares she’s gone full Karen.

Ice Cold

An important rule to remember when entering the discourse is you’re allowed to not like something. Your opinion doesn’t always need ethical grounds to stand on, especially when it’s about something as innocuous as the latest viral meme of a septuagenarian sitting down on a cold winter day.

This is a delicious post, a prime example of how the politics of intellectuals have been profoundly warped by personal grievance and projection. This shot of Bernie Sanders sitting down on a cold winter day became a ubiquitous meme, as you may be aware, thanks in part to just how normal the picture is. It’s Bernie Sanders in a coat and mittens. There’s literally nothing more to it. To suggest Sanders was intentionally spurning the “emotional labor” required of him at the Inauguration by watching the proceedings in mittens, seems like quite a stretch to say the least.

But posts like Hoover Green’s came in droves and were amplified by Twitter…

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