The mark of a truly great hot take is when the poster clearly believes they’ve unleashed a watertight exemplar of intellectual discussion when to outside observers, they’ve failed to consider the most basic counterpoint to their argument. This makes them easy to parody: you could put any astoundingly hot take over a Roll Safe meme or add Checkmate Atheists to their end and you’d achieve the same basic result. This week’s posts are bonded by their shared inability to push their thought process one step further to consider why the argument they’re pushing is not all that great.

While Twitter has been hyperfocused on the wake of the Storming of the Capitol and congress moving towards a second impeachment of Donald Trump, the hottest takes of the week were on more frivolous topics, perhaps a sign that posters were emboldened by the site’s general focus elsewhere. This week, a poster committed the grave Twitter sin of disparaging The Sopranos, a socialist argued for the atomic bombs in Japan and another person pulled from the well of insipid Marvel/politics comparisons to comment on the state of the world.

Sex and the City and The Sopranos and Hadley Freeman

If you’ve ever peeked into Media Twitter, you’ve likely seen the reverence with which a certain subset of posters treats The Sopranos. By critics and fans alike, it’s considered one of the greatest television series of all time, and stills and memes from the show still gain good traction on Twitter timelines. Sex and the City, another HBO series from the time, has also remained in the public consciousness, albeit mostly through jokes and cheeky memories of the show’s numerous cliches.

As HBO preps a Samantha-less Sex and the City revival, some disparaging chatter about the show’s original run has returned to the timeline, leading to this fiery take from British journalist Hadley Freeman:

I find it fascinating that Sex and the City – a show about a bunch of white women making jokes and shagging – is…

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