MSCHF is one of the most bizarre collectives on the web today. Every two weeks, they drop an exclusive product or experience to eager fans through their website and IOS app. Sometimes it’s a physical, collectible item or piece of art, like a pair of Nike Air Max’s with holy water in the soles or a laptop infected with six of the deadliest computer viruses of all time, totaling $95 billion in damages.

Other times it’s a strange internet “prank” item, like hundreds of videos of a man eating food or a weekly newsletter filled with authentic boomer emails to laugh at. You never know what exclusive experience you’re going to get from an MSCHF drop, and the October 12th drop of the Anti Ad Ad Club was no exception.

What Is The Anti Ad Advertising Club?

On Monday, MSCHF dropped the Anti Ad Advertising Club, consisting of a TikTok page a website and nine original TikTok sounds (uploaded a few days before the drop) each one with lyrics denouncing a certain conglomerate or corporation. The website offers a link to each sound next to a bounty price. The idea is that TikTokers then use these sounds in their videos and get a payout if their video reaches a certain number of views.

At the lowest end of the spectrum is a sound attacking TikTok for suppressing content, and it can net users $10 for every 5,000 views they get. On the highest end is a sound attacking big data company Palantir, worth a whopping $20,000. The Palantir award can only go to one user (as well as the $10,000 bounty Purdue sound), but the seven other sounds go to everyone who manages to rack up the necessary views.

The specific companies on the Anti Ad Club’s chopping block are TikTok, Fashion Nova, Amazon, NFL, Tesla, Comcast, Facebook, Purdue and Palantir. There are a few rules that come with the drop. Mainly, the audio has to be clear, and the video has to fit the theme of the sound. Specifically, they say to present it as a “mock-advertisement” video, and users can only be…

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