Welcoming a new cat into your home is an exciting occurrence, but introducing cats to each other for the first time can be nerve-wracking.

While felines may act like the ultimate loners, having another cat in the house can do wonders for an only cat. But every cat has their own personality. This means growing the family by another cat can be an unpredictable affair. Some cats will welcome a housemate with open paws or at least a curious sniff before moseying on their way. Others might not be thrilled with the idea of a new kitty brother or sister and throw epic hissy fits.

Cat parents can never be quite sure! But these tips on introducing cats can help everybody get along. And, when our kitties love us and each other, life can be a dream in your own cat paradise.

Check out these tips for introducing cats to each other.
Take Introductions Slow
Jackson Galaxy Recommends Scent Before Sight

When you first bring your new cat home, be sure kitty has a safe room. This should be a quiet place with a door. This way, he can get used to new surroundings without worry. This safe space for the new cat also allows your cat an adjustment period too. Ideally, the new cat and your resident cat will be able to hear and smell each other, but can’t see or touch at this time.

Remember, this was your resident cat’s territory first and a new creature in a cat’s known territory can cause some stress. Keep her needs in mind too when introducing cats to each other.

While the cats are still separated, slowly introduce their smells further by offering both cats something with the scent of the other cat on it. Jackson Galaxy, cat daddy guru, recommends using what he refers to as “scent soakers”, or soft items that easily absorb smells, like blankets, stuffed toys, or beds.

In his 5 part series on introducing cats to each other, Galaxy suggests, “You can also gently rub a clean sock or washcloth around the face of the cat to…

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