I’m trying to make a custom set of backgammon pieces for my father for Christmas. The pieces are going to be coin-shaped, 1/8-1/4″ thick and 1 1/8-1 1/4″ in diameter. The goal is to cut silhouette shapes out of the coins, stain, fill and coat with epoxy, and buff to a nice shine

I have very little woodworking experience, so I know this is kind of a big project–the working scale is absurdly small, which makes it really difficult. The tools I currently have access to are:

-a dremel

-a router

-a woodburner (if cutting the holes out becomes too difficult I can burn the designs in)

-a coping saw

As well as various other more general non-woodworking tools.

I tried cutting the holes with a dremel today; it is pretty inexact. What I’m imagining would be a better way to do this is to drill holes with the dremel and use some kind of saw with a reciprocating wire blade in a jig to trace the outline, but I am unaware of the existence of any such saw.

Does anyone know about a saw like that/does anyone have more general tips for cutting detailed shapes on this scale?

Edit: I guess the saw I’m imagining doesn’t necessarily need to be reciprocating, but something the size of a workshop band saw isn’t realistic for my tiny ass apartment

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