Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The battle between the Resistance and the First Order is coming to planet Batuu.

The battle between the Resistance and the First Order is coming to planet Batuu.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is finally opening in two days. If you are getting ready to pack your bags, here are some things to know about Disney’s new land.

Walt Disney World’s newest expansion to Hollywood Studios opens Aug. 29 with only one ride, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, and a plethora of themed shops and restaurants.

Guests will be visiting the planet Batuu, which is adorned with spacecraft, old buildings, droids and members of the Resistance and First Order.

To make the land truly immersive, cast members throughout Galaxy’s Edge will be speaking a different type of English than we are used to. So, the first thing to do as you start preparing for your trip is to learn the lingo.

Disney workers will be dressed as Black Spire villagers, Resistance troops or First Order soldiers, and speak Batuuese, the language of Batuu. Here are a few translations:

Bright Suns = Good day

Rising moons = Good evening or night

May the Spires keep you = A formal goodbye or parting ways

Til the Spire = A casual goodbye

Only the ancients know = I don’t know

Costumes: Yes or no?

When planning any trip, what to wear is always a priority. Since Florida is consistently hot and/or rainy, the approved Disney attire is friendly to being in exhausting temperatures.

Guests 14 and older can’t wear costumes or masks, but can keep within theme by sticking to a color palette of muted earth tones and focus on natural materials with a rugged, handmade look.

dress code.jpg

Stick to a color palette of muted earth tones and focus on natural materials with a rugged, handmade look.

Walt Disney World

If you are 13 or younger, you are in luck because costumes are allowed, including masks that don’t obstruct peripheral vision, but they must have openings that allow eyes to be fully seen. So don your Rey, Han Solo and Princess Leia costumes.

No guests will be allowed to wear armor, uniforms or full body suits like a Chewbacca costume. You can bring lightsabers, so bring your favorite from a Jedi or Sith. But keep your blasters at home because prop weapons with a trigger or belt are prohibited.

dress code bad.jpg

Walt Disney World

A Batuuan gift card

Now let’s be honest. Having to pull out the old credit card every time you need to pay for something can be a little daunting and can pull you out of the Star Wars experience. Well, Disney has you covered with something a little more authentic.

The Batuuan Spira is much like a metal gift card that is designed to look like it came from the world of Star Wars. It can be used anywhere in Batuu, but you must put a minimum of $100 on the Spira. Registers will have datapads to scan the Spira.

A minimum of $100 sounds steep, but some key pieces of merchandise, like custom lightsabers, will be well over $100.

Playing games with an app

Finally, to make the most out of your Galaxy’s Edge trip, download the Play Disney Parks mobile app.

The app brings an interactive experience to park goers with a map, attraction-themed games, trivia and more. But when you use it in Galaxy’s Edge it brings the land around you alive.

The app allows guests to scan the contents hidden inside containers, translate languages and tune into communications happening throughout the land. Guests can also use it to hack into droids and door panels to unlock additional stories.

You can also use the app to play a game called “Outpost Control” with other guests. Guests can choose to support either the Resistance or the First Order by hacking the blinking light panels next to doorways throughout Black Spire Outpost. The faction that controls the majority of these panels first wins the game and demonstrates their allegiance to their side’s cause. The conflict plays out multiple times throughout the day.

So, when you find your way to Galaxy’s Edge, may the Spires keep you.

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