Tool Roundup: On the Horizon 2024

Shaper’s Complete Origin System

Shaper Origin

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Shaper Origin is the world’s first, and only, handheld CNC router. You steer Origin while it makes small automatic adjustments to ensure clean and accurate results. The complete Origin System blends digital precision with the craft of woodworking for a range of applications, from joinery and custom template routing to hardware installation. Combine Origin with Workstation for all of your joinery needs or use it with Plate: the universal template for Origin that helps install a wide array of hardware, inlays, and bowties and includes hundreds of free digital templates from leading manufacturers in Shaper’s hardware catalog.

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Grizzly Oak Tool Chests logo

A new line of oak tool chests to store your hand tools, fine tool bits, precision measuring tools, and machine accessories. Each tool chest is expertly crafted with…

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