With just three weeks to go before the Primary Election, the race to replace outgoing Rep. Ramon Alexander in House District 8 is heating up, with two of the top Democratic candidates topping the $70,000 mark since entering the race.

Both candidates’ totals were buoyed by loans, however. Tallahassee lawyer Hubert Brown collected more than $36,000 from July 2 to July 22, including more than $19,000 in loans. He has added more than $74,000 overall, counting those loans.

The Brown campaign gave more than $50,000 to Resonance Campaigns LLC for advertising and yard signs on July 8.

Gallop Franklin has added more than $78,000 — including a $20,000 loan to himself — since he was the first candidate to file to run. He raised more than $12,000 from July 2 to July 22.

The Tallahassee pharmacist and FAMU professor received $1,000 contributions from political committees The Committee for Florida Justice Reform and Duke Energy Corporation Florida.

Over the course of those weeks the Franklin spent $43,000 on campaign advertising materials from Delivery Strategies LLC. The campaign has spent $68,000 overall.

“We feel great about it,” Franklin said. “It just shows the consensus as we’re trying to move forward and build a better tomorrow. And so fundraising does represent that we have the ability to reach across the aisle and talk to many groups of people in the communities that are believing in what we’re running for and why we’re running, which is essentially to increase the quality of life of this regional community.”

Gregory James raised $4,000 from during the two filing periods, loaning himself $8,000. During that time his campaign spent $15,000 on mailers at Budget Printing Center. He has taken in $26,000 overall.

Even though Marie Rattigan has raised just $6,000 overall, the former legislative aide said she feels good about where her campaign is headed.

“Money is something that I knew was going to be a problem in this race, especially because this race is unpredictable,” Rattigan said.

“Money is not the end-all be-all,” she added. “‘I’m on the floor, talking to the people, and that’s what really matters. Being in front of voters, making sure that I connect with them and speaking with them.”

HD 8 covers Gadsden County and part of Leon County. The seat is up for grabs because Alexander is not seeking re-election in the wake of sexual harassment allegations.

Brown and James did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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