BoJack Horseman is a Netflix Original Series about a former television actor who hates his life and struggles with addiction. In this universe, characters can be either human or anthropomorphic animals, and they all interact just as regular people do (just go with it, and definitely don’t think about this too hard). As the series progresses, BoJack tries to make a comeback while falling deeper into the hole he’s dug himself.

Watching BoJack Horseman is an incredibly depressing experience that leaves you wanting more, and eventually, it becomes impossible to stop watching the disaster unfold. As you near the end of the series, you will become one with BoJack’s friends, watching helplessly in concern and horror. If it’s not clear, this is a comedy, but it’s also a very dark drama and has been famous in the world of memes for quite some time.

BoJack Horseman is perhaps best known in memes for Mr. Peanutbutter’s quote, “What is this, a crossover episode?” that appears throughout the series and became a famous reaction image. However, there are many more popular memes from the show itself that aren’t as easy to find. Here are the top episodes to watch for the best meme material.

Most Popular Memes: Season 2, Episode 11: “Escape from LA”

You probably know the famous meme of BoJack in his Boat, but if you don’t know what built up to it, you’re missing a crucial piece of context in understanding the meme. In this episode, BoJack decides to run off to New Mexico in search of a woman he had a romantic interest in decades prior. He discovers she is married with children but decides to stick around for months anyway. The bizarre situation itself can lead to endless jokes, but it gets much worse.

“Escape from LA” is a problematic (but infamous) episode because it shows us just how horrible BoJack actually is. His greatest hits from this episode include dumping a teenager with alcohol poisoning on the steps of the hospital, kissing a married woman and…

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