A shooting at a Halloween event in Long Beach on Tuesday night injured 12 people, three fatally, the Long Beach Fire Department said.

“Obviously this is a tragic event in our city,” Fire Department Public Information Officer Jake Heflin said at the scene.


Information on a suspect or suspects or what led up to the shooting was not immediately available. Information on the conditions of the injured also was not immediately available.

There was a Halloween event happening in the backyard of a home when the shooting started.


Oscar Cancio, 33, was unloading hockey equipment from his car in his parking lot on 7th and Walnut when he heard between nine and 11 gunshots back to back. He initially thought they were fireworks until he heard a helicopter circling overhead and sirens approaching.

He became worried about his neighbors, and headed in the direction of the sounds he heard. He found police tape lining the yard of a residence next to a nail salon near 7th and Temple. He witnessed three people who were completely still, unmoving as they were taken away from the building on stretchers.

Others dressed in costumes were seen limping out of the building.

“You don’t really hear about big shootings here, so for this to happen in our neighborhood feels awful,” said Cancio, director of admissions at Vistamar school in El Segundo. “You don’t feel good walking in the street after something like this.”

This is a developing story. 

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