Douglass Mackey, the man behind the “Ricky Vaughn” Twitter account, has been charged with spreading election misinformation after launching a Vote From Home hoax in the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Vaughn’s campaign involved creating images encouraging Hillary Clinton voters to “vote from home” by texting “Hillary” to a fake number and spreading the images across social media. At least 4,900 people texted the number, the Justice Department alleges.

Mackey along with other conspirators has been charged by the Justice Department for participating in a DM group focused on “how to best influence the election” and worked to “create, refine, and share memes and hashtags that members of the groups would subsequently post and distribute.”

While the criminal complaint did not list the co-conspirators, the New York Times reports that one of the conspirators was Baked Alaska, who was recently arrested for his role in the Storming of the Capitol.

If convicted, Mackey faces a maximum of 10 years in prison.

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