But in the edited video retweeted by the president — which Twitter labeled as “manipulated media” — the song played by Biden is the 1988 protest rap “F— tha Police” by the hip hop group N.W.A. “What is this all about?” Trump wrote in an accompanying message.

In recent months, Trump’s preferred social media platform has taken a more aggressive approach to countering posts by the president that promote misleading information or violate the platform’s content policies.

Twitter appended fact-check warnings to a pair of Trump’s tweets in May about mail-in voting, prompting the president to sign an executive order targeting social media companies.

Later that week, Twitter ran a warning label on Trump’s tweet stating that “when the looting starts, the shooting starts” — a message the platform said violated its policies on “glorifying violence.”

In June, Twitter took down a post by Trump featuring two toddlers and altered CNN chyrons after labeling it as “manipulated.” Facebook also removed the post.

Twitter also attached warning labels to Trump’s tweets earlier this month urging his supporters to cast two ballots in the November election.

In the run-up to Election Day, Twitter has rolled out a slate of new policies specifically intended to thwart misinformation related to voting, the election’s results and the intensifying White House race. The platform announced last month that it would expand its rules against misleading information about mail-in ballots and early voting.

After coming under criticism for not doing enough to stop the spread of deceptive clips targeting Biden’s campaign, Twitter also announced in August that it would begin displaying warning labels on shared posts that feature misleading or doctored videos.

And amid concerns that Trump might claim himself to be the winner on election night before the final vote is counted, Twitter announced last week that it would label or remove posts prematurely declaring victory.

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