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12x Sport Ball Pump Standard Needles and 1x  Metal Container Storage.
Do you like at home or in the outdoors like playing sports with friends and children?
✔ Excellent! Then our set of 12 inflator needle for all play games ball will help to spend your free time cheerfully.
Our needles inflating great work – are good tip and accessories for dual action pump – air ball pump – basketball pump – soccer 
ball pump – small hand pump – football pump – sports pump – mini hand pump – volleyball ball pump – portable hand pump
– playground ball pump – inflatable ball pump – small ball pump – rugby ball pump – kickball pump.

This Universal Inflatable Needles  for all sports balls. Use it to inflate: Soccer ball – Handball –  
Basketball – Volleyball – Water Polo ball – Netballs – American Football ball.
Basketball pins for pump can be used as:  football pump pin –  needles for bike pump –  soccer ball valve – 
air pump attachments for balls –  ball pin –  bicycle needle –  football pins –  needle valve –  pin ball – 
pump pin needle –  inflating pin –  ball pins air pump –  soccer pin –  bike pump needles –  pin inflator.
Air pins for basketballs good work from  air pump needles 5 pack –  ball football –  ball pins –  soccer pins – 
soccer ball pin –  bike pump ball needle –  pin for ball pump –  ball filler needle –  bike pump needle for ball –
pump pins for balls –  soccer ball pump with needle and gauge – air pump pin.

Package Includes:

12 x Ball Pump Needle
1 x Storage Containers
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Air Pump Needle pack with 12 needles adapter for soccer ball – football ball – volleyball ball – basketball ball – rugby ball and other inflatables.
Inflation Needle can be used with small air pump – portable hand pump – inflatable air pump – sport ball pump – basketball pump – football and soccer pump.
High Quality Needles for air pump are produced of stainless steel. A pack of 12 needles pieces with tin storage containers box for comfortable keeping and transportation.
Basketball Needle length – 1.5 inch, Needle Pump outside diameter – 0.27 inch, Ball inflation needle inside diameter – 0.16 inch.
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