University of Florida

The University of Florida has added another achievement to its gilded shelves. But this award is different from the rest.

It’s great to be a Florida Gator — on Instagram, at least.

According to a recent report, the university is the most Instagrammed college campus in Florida.

All Home Connections just released its first annual report on “The Most Instagrammed College Campuses in America.” The business, an AT&T retailer, analyzed hashtag data to find the most Instagrammed campus in each state.

The report, released on Tuesday, consists of data from more than 7,000 enrolled full-time students in the fall 2017 semester.

UF’s hashtag was a simple one, #UF, but the posts that made it the most Instagrammed campus are anything but. Currently, there are more than 500,000 posts that use #UF.

Here is a taste of what you could find when you search #UF on Instagram:


There are three things associated with all University of Florida current, soon-to-be and graduated students: sleep deprivation, memes and a compulsive urge to gator-chomp. One of those things, memes, is something you can find on #UF.

Memes capture the most popular themes at UF: hard classes, alligators, all-night studying, general campus life.

Chompy Scaley Bois

Chompy Scaley Bois, also know as alligators, go by many names on Instagram. Dinosaurs. Swamp Cats. Vegetarian Study Partners. Although they may not all make sense, alligators do have a presence on the UF hashtag page. Maybe it’s a pun or maybe it’s a coincidence. But one thing is for sure: If you live in the Swamp, expect to see some Gators.

Clothes, clothes and more clothes

Like many other hashtags on Instagram, sellers and businesses are sure to be around. #UF is no exception. The only difference? One commodity outshines all the others.

For every 10 posts, at least three of them are trying to sell some form of vintage or trendy Gator-styled clothing. From jean jackets to polos to sneakers, if you are looking for UF gear, #UF is a destination.

Stylish Puppers

Dogs. Cats. You name it … there is an Instagram post of it in Gator gear on the #UF page. From full on shirts to small little bow ties, students and alumni aren’t the only ones showing off their Gator spirit on Instagram.

You could say the owner may be forcing UF on their pets. Who’s to say that the animals aren’t University of Miami or Florida State University fans. But the owners see them as Gators, of course.

Miami Herald Real Time Reporter Devoun Cetoute covers breaking news, Florida theme parks and general assignment. He attends the University of Florida and grew up in Miami. Theme parks are on his mind in and out of the office.

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