These are the moments that I truly feel blessed. Over the years art has meant many different things from ceramics to woodworking to photography and filming. The ability to create art is unlike anything else, it is the vessel that allows me to express my deepest thoughts, my visions and my perception of the world around me. We are constantly being surrounded by moments of love and growth, life lessons and learning experiences. I see value in these moments and I feel compelled to document these stories. Watching my father as he teaches my younger brother how to ku’i his first kalo, I couldnʻt help but imagine 15 years ago I was that same young little boy. Although the times have changed and generations have passed the lessons and values still remain. Living in a time where technology can easily consume every hour of our day, its refreshing to know that in some corners of the world the value of hard work and dedication to actual doing and learning still exist. Ma ka hana ka ‘ike. In working one learns. Mahalo iā ‘oe ko’u makuakāne no kou a’o ‘ana mai i na mea waiwai no ko mākou ola ‘ana.

Music: Beyond by Eden Fox

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