Professional wakeboarder Steel Lafferty and an alligator crossed paths at an Orlando area golf course this week.

Lafferty posted on Instagram a quick clip of him taking a shot just at the exact moment a gator strolls by.

“Golfing in Florida is just different,” reads the caption.

The Fort Lauderdale-based athlete told Fox 35 the reptile encounter occurred at the ChampionsGate Country Club in Osceola County.

The jokes came rolling in from commenters. Some were impressed that Lafferty showed no fear. Others were duly concerned for his safety.

“This is the content the PGA has been missing!”

“Nope, I’ll talk the penalty.”

The medium sized reptile apparently didn’t help Lafferty’s game.

“Did you make birdie too?”

“Of course not,” he replied .

Lafferty added that the gator disappeared down the fairway and into a body of water about 100 yards away.

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