Street racers causing a ruckus to the dismay of the general public is nothing new, earlier this year we saw the dark side of it when a Wellington resident took to a meet with a road roller and caused significant damage. 

While there weren’t any rollers present at this meet, the Nissan Skyline ended up with some serious front end damage after the driver of the red Jeep got a little carried away. 

In the video uploaded to Facebook, a group had gathered to watch the Skyline and Cherokee attempt to perform what we can assume would be donuts in the empty parking lot. 

Before anyone starts throwing around accusations, the Ford Mustang in the centre of the shot was (surprisingly) not involved with the collision in any way, and was merely an innocent bystander for once. 

The real offender here was the driver of the Jeep, who took a wide berth around the Honda CR-V and planted the accelerator presumably to throw the SUV into a drift. 

Unfortunately, the Cherokee’s all-wheel drive system kept the tyres firmly planted and shot it forward at a serious pace. Screeching tyres can be heard seconds before the Jeep makes contact with the Skyline.

Upon impact, the Skyline’s bonnet pops open and the front right fender is smashed to pieces. The clip ends almost instantly after the hit, so the damage can’t be seen, but our money is on the Skyline being written off. 

If the Skyline was a GT-R, it would be worth more than the Cherokee SRT8 that hit it. Let’s just hope that it was a base model GT-T, and everyone involved managed to walk away without injury.

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