veryone has their favorite piece of internet lore, whether it be the strange story behind a meme, the enthralling history of an online legend or simple curiosity about the truth behind a classic viral video forgotten in time. Wavywebsurf launched his YouTube channel in 2016 after developing such a curiosity himself. Now with an established following and a penchant for deciphering online history, Wavy has covered tons of iconic pieces of internet lore over the last four years, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon. We caught up with him to discuss the origins of his channel and learn more about his curiosity for the web. No stranger to memes, Wavy also shared his thoughts on the potential future of their evolution, as well as some of his personal favorites from over the years.

Q: Hey, Wavy. Thanks for joining us. So how are things going for you currently? Working on any special topics or other projects in the near future?

A: Things are good. I just got back from a well-needed vacation in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Spent plenty of time outdoors, which was a nice mental reboot. I’m back on the video grind now. In the mountains, I found myself wondering whatever the hell happened to DeShawn Raw and his Supa Hot Fire character, so that’s what I’m researching at the moment for a potential video … That “ooOOOooooOOOOoohhh!!!” clip from his famous parody battle rap video is so iconic, I think It would be interesting to see what happened to the guy.

Q: Funny you mention him because I’ve tried to track him down for an interview and had no luck so far. Anyways, for those who aren’t familiar with your channel, would you mind briefly explaining a little about what your content is and what sorts of topics you focus on?

A: Generally, I talk about the legacies and stories behind iconic internet phenomena, memes and online controversies. If you have ever wondered what happened to the creator of some bizarre viral video from 10-plus years ago who…

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