In an internet that is always changing and shifting, there are certain things that will always be a mainstay. This past week we saw two of these things in full force, with Twitter angst and e-girl simping, and we even had a nice little bonus meme come up along the way. The memes that were really big were Tomboy Mandalorian, Gromit Mug and Belle Delphine getting banned from YouTube.

Tomboy Mandalorian

Tomboy Mandalorian became a meme recently because of Twitter doing what it does best: getting irrationally mad at things. This time, the anger was about a new episode of The Mandalorian, the Disney+ show that made Baby Yoda a thing. In this recent episode, a female Mandalorian makes an appearance, Bo-Katan for those in the know, and the fact that her custom-made armor was shaped for boobs was enough to set off a firestorm on the platform. Naturally, for every action, there is a reaction, and the reaction to talking negatively about the female Mandolorian was to create a lot of fan art, memes and overall buzz about the character and others like them. Rahab, the Tomboy Mandalorian, is not a character from the show but rather original content that was made in direct response to the outcry. Because Mandalorians are known for shooting guns, killing, and being space bounty hunters, Rahab has been characterized as a “classical tomboy.”

Gromit Mug

Gromit Mug is just that, a picture of a cup shaped like Gromit from Wallace and Gromit. This porcelain mug has found itself the subject of many memes after it was idolized and sought after like the Holy Grail. This is not an entirely uncommon occurrence, as random niche items can oftentimes find themselves becoming a meme. In this case, however, the moment is fleeting, as pictures are already spread that show the beloved Gromit mug has since been broken.

Belle Delphine Banned From YouTube

Belle Delphine is a…

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