It’s that time of year again folks! That magical time where we pick up the pieces of our Halloween self-indulgence and pledge ourselves to a chaste Thanksgiving time. As is tradition, this first week of November is spent looking back on Halloween, battling against the ever-encroaching Christmas, and saying that this will be the year where you complete No Nut November. Because Halloween landed on a Saturday, there was an entire weekend of revelry planned for some, which brought their own memes, most notably Travis Scott and his Batman costume. Also arriving from the social media front is our last big meme of the weekend, Two Pretty Best Friends, hailing from TikTok.

No Nut November

A yearly tradition, No Nut November is the time when guys let strangers online convince them to give up the agency of their body under the guise of an internet challenge. This one revolves around the NSFW concept of masturbation, and it was originally created as a challenge for NEETs and Coomers to stop looking at porn long enough to get themselves an IRL waifu. Every year, NNN becomes more talked about, with various people adding their own personal spin on it and several memes being made to “coommemorate” this special month.


Travis Scott’s Batman Costume

Travis Scott’s Batman Costume is what happens when someone has enough money to design their own Halloween costume and get it professionally made. Iconic rapper and known meme Travis Scott made the mistake of posting about something he was proud of on Instagram because it led to many people cyberbullying him into deleting his Instagram account through sheer force of meme.

As is customary, anytime someone reacts to the cyberbullying, it only intensifies the reaction and makes more people aware of it, making this is a classic example of the Streisand effect. Travis Scott has been made a meme multiple times in…

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