This past weekend saw some top-quality memes rise to the top, with genres ranging from IRL tragedies to reboots of classic TV shows. From macro images and short video clips to image collages, let’s take a look at the memes with the most impact this past weekend and learn a little more about them.

JFK (Clone High)

It’s important to note that this isn’t the same JFK that we all know, but rather a version of him created for the TV show Clone High. The show, made back in 2002, featured teenage clone versions of famous historical figures that all attend the same high school. This main character was introduced in the first episode and is the stereotypical Chad of the cast, complete with a boisterous way of speaking (highlighted by his Boston accent).

JFK saw a big surge in memes near the end of August going into September off the back of fresh news that a revival of the show was planned. Often when it’s announced that a show is being brought back, people will start to watch the original series, which leads to new memes being made of the older material. This, in turn, makes other people curious enough to check out the show, leading to more hype around the revival itself and the characters in it. As of this writing, JFK has a few memes already attributed to him, with the most recent being My Day Be So Fine, Then Boom, which has a lot of meta potential. Due to this, the JFK character is expected to be memed for a while longer, and every day, more people are being introduced to him and the show as a whole.

Gender Reveals and Wildfires

Once again it seems that California and the West Coast are suffering from wildfires. Though this certainly isn’t new, sadly, the reason for one of the fires is. The cause of a wildfire that burned over 8,600 acres of land so far? A gender reveal party stunt gone wrong. For those unaware, a gender reveal party is when a couple decides that they will tell everyone they know the gender of their…

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