Rapper and insult comic extraordinaire Azealia Banks is in the news yet again for her antics. This time, it’s because she appears to have dug up and cooked her dead cat.

In a pair of videos she posted to her Instagram that have since been deleted, Banks pulls up dirt until she retrieves a bag. In the second clip, she can be seen stirring a pot while the bones of the cat appear. The caption read, “Lucifer 2009-2020. My Dear Kitty. Thank you for everything. A legend. An icon. Forever a serval serve.” Her most recent Instagram post, which is still up, shows a vase with what appears to be the cat’s skull in it.

Banks’ latest stunt was too grotesque to ignore for social media users, and her name trended on Twitter throughout Tuesday as people fired off jokes.

POV you are Azealia Banks’ cat: pic.twitter.com/mVvjmEx3TJ

— Dixie stan account (@BussyWaterr) January 12, 2021

azealia banks’ cat looking down from heaven pic.twitter.com/QTAfev17Di

— the perc prophet (@humidfluid) January 12, 2021

only Azealia Banks could dig up her dead cat and cook it and not surprise me at all

— King Wow (@wowthatshiphop) January 12, 2021

Banks has been in the news periodically for her numerous feuds and controversial statements. Last summer, she alarmed fans after appearing to threaten suicide.

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