In enumerating Gov. Ron DeSantis’ weekly accomplishments to supporters Saturday morning, the way the Governor has dominated the news cycle did not make the cut.

The state-paid transport of 50 migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard has gotten wall-to-wall notice, but not in “The Ron DeSantis Round Up,” That’s an email that went out Saturday ticking off the Governor’s week that included his 44th birthday on Wednesday. Wednesday was also when he set off a media firestorm with scenes of Venezuelans making their way through a coastal New England village in the off-season.

But that aspect of DeSantis’ very big week did not make the email distribution from Team DeSantis. Instead, in the round up, First Lady Casey DeSantis gets the “above the fold” treatment. That was for bashing the videotaped comments of Karla Hernández at a Cape Coral house party. Hernández is the running mate of Democratic gubernatorial nominee Charlie Crist, who is opposing her husband’s re-election. 

Next up on the Round Up comes the Governor’s comments at the National Conservatism Conference in Aventura, the $1,000 bonuses for first responders and then the “Mic Drop of the Week.” In that, DeSantis blasts “lockdown politicians who advocated to keep children locked out of school with no regard for the long-term effects.”

On social media, though, Team DeSantis and some of the Governor’s Office staff have been tweeting away at what some are calling “a political stunt.” DeSantis’ supporters, however, call it drawing attention to the crisis at the U.S. southern border and the hypocrisy of those who live far from it.

“Martha’s Vineyard claims to be a ‘sanctuary’ jurisdiction that welcomes illegal aliens,” wrote Christina Pushaw, former spokeswoman now a campaign staffer. “Most of those multi million dollar mansions are summer homes that are vacant most of the year. They can be used to house thousands of illegal aliens.”

Jeremy Redfern tweeted a picture of President Barack Obama’s home on Martha’s Vineyard.

“7 bedrooms with 8 and a half bathrooms in a 6,982-square-foot-house on nearly 30 acres,” he wrote on Twitter. “Plenty of space.”

This is going exactly how DeSantis intended, his supporters are saying, even though the governor’s opponent for re-election made an ad out of it.

“Lying to migrant children to lure them on a plane to God knows where?” Crist says incredulously, presenting yet another take on that trip.

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