When the cat goes missing, cat parents tend to freak out. We try to stay calm, but it’s hard when your fur baby is out of sight.

But, deep down, you know you’re missing cat is probably hiding somewhere, watching you hunt, and laughing at you.

Ristay, a devoted cat and dog mom knows this frustration well. With her gift for art, she captured what happens when her black cat Petunia goes missing in a hilarious comic titled CATouflage. And as it turns out, Petunia has a buddy who helps her hide…


Petunia and her dog friend, Atreyu, are both rescues. They’ve been buds since Petunia joined the family as a kitten, and curling up for a nap together seems to be a favorite pastime for both of them. Ristay told Bored Panda Atreyu loves the affection, as his past was a sad one.

“He was beaten and abused as a pup, starved, and malnourished as well,” said Ristay.

“When we adopted him, we didn’t know what kind of personality he would have due to the abuse but we knew he was our baby no matter what. He ended up being the perfect dog, very loving. Adores our cats too.”


Petunia and cat brother Diesel are lucky to have loving siblings in Atreyu and Jaeger, a German Shepard Ristay calls “just an all-round lovable goofball pup”. And the furry family loves to cuddle too.

“I’ll come home to a pile of animals, all waiting for me to join them,” said the fur mom and artist.

“They also all stalk me as I am ‘the mother ship.’” A feeling fur parents know all to well!

Snuggles are Great, But There’s Just One Thing…

But there’s only one problem when Petunia and Atreyu snuggle.

Both dog and cat have shiny, sleek black fur, and it can lead to some trouble when Ristay starts hunting Petunia. She’s learned a flashlight pointed at Atreyu is the quickest way to find sly Petunia. The small house panther is only revealed under the bright light as her eyes reflect cat…

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